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Let's Get Connected

Hello, I'm glad you want to get connected! 

Here's the truth - you're not alone. Cornerstone Family Worship is about connecting to a new FAMILY of believers. We are choosing to live life together. Ephesians 2:19 tells us that when we come to Christ, we are no longer strangers but are considered part of God's family of believers. You may have felt all alone in this world, but those days are over! It's time to get connected to God's family. 


CFW has many ways in which you can connect. Below you can submit a prayer request, discover an area to volunteer, find a small group,  connect with a Pastor, and sign up for upcoming events happening at CFW. 

Here's the catch...we need to hear from you. We pray you'll join in what God is doing in our church.


Hope to hear from you, 

Pastor Shannon 

Calendar of Events



Sign Up for Upcoming events

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